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The rest of our leave are spent on child's sick leave, care centre rest day, vaccination and maybe once-a-year vacation (horray! I think my time management skill should be great, given that we have no maid and parents support with both of us working full time and maintaining a pretty high standard of hygiene for the family. Partly because to begin with, I have left with very little time for distractions with my high level of child, house work, and family commitments.

I considered myself with higher than normal dedication to my family. I pride myself to higher level of hygiene and maintaining minimalist. on top of my day job, I am now learning new skill to transit into freelance so that I can quit my day job sooner than 5 years to financial independence, or 5 years.

I spent all my personal time with my family and I rarely go out with friends or attend events without my family. My distraction comes from whatapps and my little room of time left, I guess.

So in order to help myself, I did contemplate whether to pause blogging for a while.

It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional Java Script extensions.

Twitter is the one who has developed, an open-source CSS and Java Script framework popularly known Bootstrap. This Bootstrap templates can be used in any web application’ admin panel.

Today, I have displayed collection of best 5 and FREE Bootstrap html template.

However, the good news is I am using my blog as a platform to learn new skill and to vomit out my thoughts.

Which help me to gain clarify and better self awareness. I will rank them by sequence in broad categories: My current job is giving me pain. So, I will only chat with them after I completed all my tasks for the day or have pocket of free time to spare in between.

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