Consolidating all itunes music online dating first contact icebreaker

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your Desktop, Downloads folder or create a folder at ...\i Tunes\Scripts.

Select a playlist or highlight some tracks in i Tunes and then double-click on the script to execute it.

Now click on the Advanced tab and check to make sure that the i Tunes Media folder location is set to the default path, which should be Users/Username/Music/i Tunes/i Tunes Media.

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Did you know it was possible to move your i Tunes library over to an external hard drive?

However, before you do that, make sure that everything from your i Tunes library transferred to your external drive, or that you have a second backup, just in case.

Remember, when you delete things, they're gone forever (at least without redownloading purchases from i Cloud or hiring a drive-recovery company), so make absolutely sure you've got everything you need before you delete.

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If you’re low on space and you have a lot of media that simply cannot be stored using i Cloud, then one great option is to move everything to an external USB drive.