Crazy cat lady dating website

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Crazy cat lady dating website

I want someone with clean hands and feet and beefy forearms like a damn Disney prince. No, but I can name some things that do: I get excited when I find floss in my purse. After years of my friends saying, “I’m not a psychiatrist! Yes, my first date was kind of a bust after he told me that ordering a double Jameson on the rocks was “Just not something you do on a first date” and then followed up with, “Yeah, I’m not really into .” However, I feel that when we acknowledge our nerdiness, we also take on the attributes of the stereotype and make dating the most painful thing in the world next to stubbing your toe on the sofa.

And I want him to genuinely like me, even when I’m old. Here are some reasons you should get out of that basement and make some new connections: – Cat hoarding is so 2010. Cue your friends calling you “The Crazy Cat Lady.” Well, maybe you just like all of those things.

First of all, define "cat lady." Does one cat = cat lady? Does joking about being a cat lady à la sparkling, outgoing multimillionaire Taylor Swift automatically make one a cat lady? Only instead of leaning on each other to survive the vast Alaskan wilderness, they're sitting on the couch together on Saturday night watching .5. She may be a little more antisocial than other women you've dated. Cats just prize sleeping over most other activities, which is perfectly respectable.16.

It is my personal belief that most female cat owners below the age of 40 fall into the "not a cat girl, not yet a cat lady" category. Just remember that the bond between a girl and her cat is a special and unique bond. It's a stereotype, but definitely true for some women! She knows there are guys who are allergic to cats and other guys who are "allergic to cats," so if you're just "allergic to cats," she's onto you. If you like her cat, it's an instant gateway to her heart/soul/vagina.

Dating has taken all new types and forms in the last few years and describing what kind of dating you are into has become harder than ever. I want someone who will be monogamous, and nice to his mother.And I want someone who likes musicals, but knows to just shut his mouth when I’m watching Lost.Maybe you travel a lot and have illicit love affairs with men named Paulo. Even if you don’t, now that I’ve said Paulo, you’re thinking about it. Sometimes I wonder if I’d rather have a terrible date or a great one. My thing is shoes (which is why Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” is very dear to me).He’s out there, waiting to samba away with your heart. I have a friend who said a guy she went out with spent the better part of the date telling her the company his parents ran wasn’t a pyramid scheme (it’s probably a pyramid scheme). I put on a new pair of shoes and even when a guy is making volunteering in Jerusalem sound boring, I’m safe in the knowledge that I have new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right. Maybe he doesn’t look like Henry Cavill or have the suave debonair charm of Timothy Olyphant.

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So if your relationship hits a rocky point, we won't just run away and give up.8.