Dating a 15 year old girl Dating live chat usa

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Dating a 15 year old girl

This kind of law can be tacked onto age of consent laws, the principle is simple if the act is consensual and the partners are close-in-age (also called close-in-age exception) You're not entirely correct many jurisdictions has whats called "Romeo and Juliet" laws which protects consensual relationships if the partners are close in age, this can also apply to people who passes age 18 dating someone who is a minor. BUT I wish that my mom would have said NO, you can't see him anymore. NO you can't go out to the movies alone with boys at 15 yrs old.

Tell her she is welcome to have boys over, but that a parent must be at home and that she and her date must stay in public areas. He is a senior in high school and she is a sophmore in high school. Since he is 18 years old, we can not do nothing due to him being an adult. my husband & I dont agree with this..girl's mother says it's ok. However: my question is "can we call DCFS on the girl's mother? I am trying to protect my son from getting into trouble with when they 1st met last year, the girl's mother let them sleep together..was 17 and she was 14!!!that is why we don't agree with letting him live with them. My husband and I have tried to talk to our son about the age difference and possible become a sex offender for the rest of his life.

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