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Dating love site in the gambia

I asked the eldest to take a picture of Katim and myself. Whereas Sophie looks for nothing more in a holiday than some sun-scorched stretch of sand in which to disappear into a decent novel and – ideally – five-star accommodation, I crave distraction.Here, six hours from a sodden Gatwick, was the perfect compromise.

My taxi driver, Katim, led me into the front room of his home on the edge of Serrekunda, Gambia's largest city.

Twenty chairs were arranged in a horseshoe, each facing the property's most prized possessions: an ancient-looking television and a battered wireless perched on a creaking credenza.

My arrival caught the attention of three cheeky youngsters.

A matriarchal figure stirred a mighty pan of couscous as it warmed over an open fire.

A baby in a brightly coloured sling clung to her back. They craned their necks to see the results on my digital camera.

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