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Listview itemupdating event not firing

So, one more question (in addition to the ER code): where is your Update code called from? Both events contains the code for updating the item in Document Library say "Doc Lib1". The first conclusion I can come to at the moment is: your ER fails in the case it's fired from the code. One thing I've seen quite often: you may assume, in the ER code, that there's a Web context (e.g. but there's no Web context if your Update code is called from, let's say, a console app (or a job, or at speficic steps of a workflow...). public override void Item Added(SPItem Event Properties properties) Actually i have an Event Receiver in list say "List1" and in that i have two events Item Added and Item Updated.A List View Update Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which enables you to determine the index of the current item.

I decided to take a different approach because I could not get the update to work.

In this post I try to help you to identify the issue and help to avoid or correct the problem.

The first question is why do you think the receiver does not fire?

But it does not mean automatically the receiver is not fired.

So the first main type of “does not fire” is that where the receiver fires, but fails to do the expected activity, and it leads you to the incorrect assumption that it does not fire.

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One note: This List View is in a user control within a sharepoint webpart, so the user control is dynamically created.

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