Man to man spanking chat how to act when dating

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Man to man spanking chat

Gay BDSM Date is the Largest Site for Gay Spanking Personals and Gay BDSM Dating.Meet thousands of gay men in your local area who are looking to either get spanked, or give YOU a spanking!All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works. I've have a quick look through the member lists, and pulled out a selection of names which haven't been accessed since then end of 2003.So to help Erik's lack of self-discipline he thinks its hight time he gets a short sharp lesson so over the knee he goes.Proving once again your never too old to get a spanking Thomas thinks he’s found a nice quiet empty classroom for a quick cigarette.

Ryan Jamison, Kaiden Ertelle, Jesse Starr, Rad Matthews, Aiden Mychals, Dustin Revees Either the twinks can't seem to get away from Ryan Jamison or they just really enjoy getting punished Whichever the case may be we are glad Spank This is there to capture the bare ass spankings of these young striplings Ryan strikes their plump ...Although each boy is different and the relationship, trust, and respect MUST be developed first, spanking a boy arises out of the context of a real care between the two individuals involved.Young men always do best when their have structure, guidance, and effective discipline that is swift, sure, and dependable.The punishment is complete-except for a surprise ending which we think you may like!! But what a wonderful thought :-) Stuart is normally a good student but lets face to some lads do off the rails and thats when a good old fashion over the knee spanking hits right spot!The football match is well under way and new rules stipulate that if a player gets a red card he automatically gets sent back to the dressing room to be administered a good over the knee spanking which must be administered by the club manager. Stuart complies with his teachers wish for him to go over his knee not only for the punishment but to give him a sense of humiliation which hopefully will encourage him to be a better student in future.

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Daniels end of term exam results are not good and after many warnings Dad has run out of patience so its over the knee for for this young man!