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Mandating digital

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Ott releases a follow up, with easily digestable technical info, answers and solutions in SOUNDS OF SILENCE—TWO (downloadable PDF document)__________________________________________________________ Truth for “We The People” and —AFP—AMERICA’S Last Real Newspaper (AFP 6 week trial for only Five Dollars, 24 pages-weekly) Comments Subject: Digital TV From: John Date: Tue, January 20, 2009 To: Ken Adachi Hi Ken, In the ongoing coverage of government mandated Digital TV, I was just reading though Obama's 5 Billion Stimulus Plan and found this item... I appreciate your positive message amongst all the disintegration going on in the world.Forbes contributing author Dan Woods captures key insights from his recent conversation with C3 Io T CEO Thomas Siebel, “a veteran at creating companies that make and sell enterprise software,” in a three-part article series.In the second article, “Everything Will Be Sensored: Tom Siebel on the Future of the Io T,” Siebel provides his perspective on…Forbes provides strategic insights from Thomas Siebel, C3 Io T CEO, in a three-part article series based on Dan Woods’ in-depth interview with Siebel about the convergence of disruptive new technologies – elastic cloud computing, big data, AI, and Io T – and the digital transformation of business.The third article in the series, “Managing Through Culture:…

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Jurisdiction over over-the-air broadcasting in Canada is primarily regulated by Industry Canada and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

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