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One commented: “Happiest prisoner in the world” and another: “You are no one until you go to jail. Great job Annie.” A station spokesman added: “We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception. "In her life she never committed any crime, and thought it would be exciting to experience.As you can see in the picture from our post, she found it hilarious to be in the inside with the handcuffs." The station’s Facebook post has scooped up more than 4,400 ‘likes’.

men won their first world title in the 4x100m freestyle relay since 2009 on Sunday. Adrian was joined by Caeleb Dressel, Townley Haas and Blake Pieroni in the final, all Olympic relay champions racing at their first worlds.

Athletes were assessed on six criteria, including strength: the pushing-off power of a pole vaulter or the ballistic backhand of a Grand Slam champion; speed: the top-end velocity of a sprinter or the quick-cut burst of a point guard; endurance: a cyclist’s ceaseless drive or a boxer’s ability to absorb punishment and keep punching; and agility: the fluid movements of a gymnast or the knife-edge balance of a downhill skier.

Count down to see who is the fittest female athlete in the world right now.

France, gold medalist at the 2012 Olympics and 20 Worlds, has fallen so far that it did not even enter the 4x100m free in Budapest.

Longtime rival Australia lacked its best sprinter, Olympic 100m freestyle champion Kyle Chalmers, who missed worlds after heart surgery.

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Unsurprisingly, jaws dropped when their actual ages were revealed.

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