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On the heels of a severe economic depression, the nation had just declared war against Germany and Japan.American energies were being directed to the war effort, not matters of religious endeavor.In 1992, Arakis Energy Corporation, a Canadian oil company, with its partner State Petroleum acquired Blocks 1, 2 and 4 of the much larger concession that had belonged to Chevron.

Riek Machar was appointed president of the Southern States Coordinating Council (SSCC), to govern the south, and also headed a new army (SSDF) created from the former rebel armies that signed the Khartoum Peace Agreement. State Department designated Sudan as a country that supported terrorists, and U. President Clinton on November 3, 1997 signed an executive order imposing economic sanctions on any U. In 1992, it prevailed upon Chevron to sell its rights in the concession.“And the impetus really was that now there appears to be ways where legitimate research can be conducted on the use of cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes.” Although numerous media outlets have been sharing medical marijuana success stories for years, the federal government continues to argue there hasn’t been any sound research – at least in the U. – to back up the anecdotal evidence of the substance’s benefits. Part of the reason there hasn’t been much research on medical marijuana is because the U. government has classified the substance as a Schedule I drug, meaning the federal government.In an interview with Mint Press earlier this year, Jason David, a medical marijuana legalization advocate whose son uses a form of the substance to help with his seizures, expressed his disgust with a lack of research in the U. does not recognize a valid use of marijuana at any time — even for medical purposes — and believes marijuana is highly addictive, has a high potential for abuse, and functions as a gateway drug.But the Catch-22 with declassifying marijuana is that the federal agency responsible for classifying drugs, the Drug Enforcement Administration, requires “real, FDA-approved research proving marijuana is medical, safe and non-addictive, and since the DEA won’t let that research happen, there is nothing forcing them to change the scheduling of cannabis.” Despite increased support for legalization, the DEA has continued to argue that marijuana is one of the worst drugs in the world, and based on the scheduling classification, the agency continues to believe the substance is more dangerous than methamphetamines, cocaine or anabolic steroids.In an article for High Times earlier this year, marijuana legalization advocate Russ Belville asked why the DEA continues to argue there is no scientific evidence proving the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana when there are more than 19,000 published studies on cannabis’ medical benefits.

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In April 1996, Riek Machar and another rebel commander signed a Political Charter with Khartoum, formally abandoning the rebel movement.