My demonoid ratio not updating Mlf sex contacts in stoke on trent

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My demonoid ratio not updating

try loging in and out - browse the site for 10 mins, click update tracker, it does update, but registers in your stats hours later - i spent a day doing this to test it -the tracker updated my ratio 2 or 3 times in that day.They acctually post alot of torrents from other trackers there as well so the stats probably wouldnt update properly on those torrents as well.

Whatever the problem may be, be sure to give it some time. Just wait for it a little bit longer and if it keeps unchanged then I would mail a Demonoid mod and ask about this, maybe he can give you some info. Demonoid wont start the passkey system for several reasons: First, ratio means nothing there & staff dont care about your ratio, so whats the point in putting in a new system if ratio doesnt mean anything.Third, if they did implement the passkey system it will be much more work for staff and also put much more strain on there servers and in time may cost them more money to operate.I will also do my best to update any information as it changes.To associate the current IP with your account Log out of your Demonoid account Clear your browser's cache & cookies Log in to Demonoid To check that Demonoid has your current IP, look in your profile.

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