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National Change of Address (NCOA) is the USPS registry of people who move or change their address.The Post Office requires all First-Class Mail and Standard Mail lists to be run through the NCOA database and updated within 95 days prior to mailing, in order to qualify for automated postage rates.

Streamworks has great attention to detail and really care about our customer’s experience and it shows up in so many ways.If an account uses a nickname that differs from the constituent's name in the NCOA database, the address is not updated. Once setup, users gain full access to the full 48-month USPS NCOA dataset (none of that limited 18-month dataset for our users). Plus, it's updated weekly, making it extremely fresh.Before mailing, you'll want to upload your file(s) as Tab-delimited with column headers (preferred data format). Note: In addition to the NCOA address updates, we also inform you when there is an updated street name or address designation that was found during USPS CASS processing. It is one of the more frustrating tasks we mailers face: Explaining to customers why a mail piece was returned undelivered, and how to interpret the reason given for non-delivery.

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