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The Missouri River Correctional Center located four miles southwest of Bismarck, was first established in the 1940's as the State Farm.

If you are dating someone and planning to get married to the person, you might want to be sure that the person’s character is clean and does not have any criminal history or been to jail.While you are hitting the weight pile, don’t forget to keep some balance in your prison life. Every prison has one or two good programs that can really help you in prison or out of prison. While staff may mention ideas to you, talk to inmates who are in programs or know inmates who were in the programs and are now on the street.In prison, your attitude determines almost everything that happens to you. Come across as too tough or with a bad attitude…and someone will adjust it for you. Although some agricultural work is still performed there, the current purpose of the MRCC is to reintegrate offenders into society by offering work release and community treatment programming.The NDSP, in Bismarck, is the original prison complex for the state and houses maximum to minimum high custody inmates.

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