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We are informed about people of this sort, but we don't hear from them.

They aren't on television news shows speaking for themselves. Politicians don't articulate their perspective or advocate their positions.

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And more than come to know their thoughts on race, you'll meet these people as human beings. You decide whether what they say has any implications for what you believe and the way you believe.

I thought I would emerge from Shh, a new women-only sensual healing retreat with outposts in England and on Ibiza, with skills to help hone my sexual prowess and render me goddess-like—in short, make me total catnip to men.

It took the partners more than a year to assemble their team of nine female practitioners, who combine holistic healing with group therapy, sex and relationship counseling, and liberal doses of empathy and compassion.

“We want to help women rebuild their self-confidence, so they can achieve their potential,” Van Someren says.

"In his book 'SEX CAMP,' Brian Mc Naught ventures into places where most people fear to tread.They are everyday people: a postal worker from Philadelphia, a college student from Texas, an attorney from New York City, a bookstore owner from Washington State, an appliance repairman from Connecticut, a teacher from Chicago, and so on.We have a very negative image of racially conscious and committed whites gained largely from the media: neo-Nazi bigots, menacing skinheads, thugs who commit hate crimes.“We help them identify and release whatever’s holding them back, so they can nurture themselves as women and as sexual beings.” Van Someren, a former media executive, practices what she preaches: She used similar modalities to work through issues stemming from her own childhood sexual abuse.“Nurture” and “nourish” are key words at Shh, and, as corny as it may sound, the atmosphere is distinctly womblike.The staff tries to make guests feel secure and supported at all times.