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I wish I had the vision to look at this stairway to the underworld …… Groman’s cinder-block basement, typical of 1920s construction in the area, extended throughout the full footprint of the house. Now, he could install a footing drain system that directed water — ground and otherwise — to a new sump pump.It was musty (I hate that wet-basement smell) from moisture seeping beneath the basement door and from gutter downspouts that were directed at the foundation. The new depth effectively raised the ceiling from 7 1/2 feet to 9 feet (Groman is 6’ 2”, so he appreciated the extra headroom). Digging away foundation soil along the south side of the house allowed him to install windows big enough for code-compliant emergency egress. Groman added “half walls” throughout the perimeter of the downstairs to hide water, electric, and gas lines.Outgrown kids toys and clothes, overflow from our own closets, gadgets and old TV’s…they clutter the space that might otherwise be space to enjoy. Sell some of it on e Bay to make some extra money to upgrade your space.If you haven’t used it in a year or more, you probably don’t need it!Candice designs a multifunctional room with three distinct areas: a lounge zone, a TV and media zone and a workout zone.Since the space only has two small windows, she creates the illusion of space with floor-to-ceiling drapes in contemporary floral and light silk.bathroom was too small — his friends convinced him that every house should have at least one tub, for little kids and big aches.

We’ve been touring Mike Groman’s 1920s bungalow, which he transformed from dilapidated to divine.One of my favorite features in the entire house is the sliding bathroom door, which glides on barn door hardware.Rising NHL star Alex Steen and his wife Sofie recently moved into a big home in the suburbs with their infant son and two dogs.If your basement feels musty and dank, check out these ideas on how to breathe some new life into the room.Needless to say, lighting is key to brightening up an underground space.

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