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Posted by / 11-Sep-2017 03:52

The i OS version gets the same three tabs on the bottom of the screen, and an additional tab — making it four in total — that houses the compose button.The web app will get updated as soon as the user updates the smartphone app.While notable, Monday’s update of Google Voice was basically just a Material redesign that lacked any new major functionality.The promise of “regular updates” is more significant, and Google has confirmed to us that one of those upcoming features is Vo IP integration.The compose button is located at the bottom right corner of the screen on Android devices.Tapping it will show your contact list and a dial pad for calls.

It's been this way ever since they updated to Google Voice to v5.x, and has been the same on any of the devices I've used.

Google has pretty much left Voice to sit and collect dust, neglecting it like it doesn’t exist.

What these new features entail remains unclear, but here’s hoping the wait is worth it.

Google Voice app has finally been revived from its old feel as it finally receives a major update from Google.

The company has made significant changes to the app as it looks to push forward their aim of ‘one number for life’.

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If you currently use Hangouts for your Google Voice communication, there’s no need to change to the new apps, but you might want to try them out as we continue to bring new improvements.