Updating probabilities with data and moments

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Updating probabilities with data and moments

It has become clear to me that many of you are interested in learning about the modern mathematical techniques that underpin not only quantitative finance and algorithmic trading, but also the newly emerging fields of data science and statistical machine learning.Quantitative skills are now in high demand not only in the financial sector but also at consumer technology startups, as well as larger data-driven firms.We will then develop a more powerful version of the probability generating function that we defined earlier to study sums of independent random variables with finitely many non-negative integer values.The new version, called the will apply to all random variables, discrete and continuous, with finite or infinite sets of values.

Join the Quantcademy private membership portal that caters to the rapidly-growing retail quant trader community.Hence we are going to expand the topics discussed on Quant Start to include not only modern financial techniques, but also statistical learning as applied to other areas, in order to broaden your career prospects if you are quantitatively focused.In order to begin discussing the modern "bleeding edge" techniques, we must first gain a solid understanding in the underlying mathematics and statistics that underpins these models.One of the key modern areas is that of Bayesian Statistics.We have not yet discussed Bayesian methods in any great detail on the site so far.

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With no constraints apart from normalisation, you get a uniform distribution, which is lurking in the background as a “prior” that is assumed by Max Ent.