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The episode will then be shown again at 9pm on the following day.You can catch up now on season one and two via Sky Box Sets and NOW TV. 30 maja 1964) pod opieką matki w stanach Kalifornia, Kentucky i Tennessee. Po rozwodzie rodziców w 1972 roku, wychowywała się wraz ze starszą siostrą Wynonną (ur.

W 1994 wystąpiła na scenie Broadwayu w sztuce Williama Inge'a Piknik (Picnic).

It's here that we're introduced to Naomi Watts' character in the show, playing Dougie's wife and mother to their son, Janey-E Jones.

Watts is one of David Lynch's most beloved collaborators, having so famously played the lead in 2001's Michael Cera's role, on the other hand, may not be much more than a quick (and hilarious) cameo; he's been revealed to be playing the son of Twin Peaks Police Department receptionist Lucy Brennan (Kimmy Robertson).

Continuing the narrative left behind and so frighteningly tantalised in the series finale from the original run of the show, which saw a demented Dale Cooper (Kyle Mac Lachlan) smash his face into a mirror as the face of Bob peered out, we've now seen his confirmed doppelganger run amok in the real world.

The real Dale Cooper, once trapped in the Black Lodge, has also finally managed to escape; he's now been mistaken for another doppelganger, Dougie Jones, and has been taken into the Jones household.

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