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Xmlvalidatingreader impl

When there is an exception during the execution of the Web service, the Web service should not only capture the exceptions, but also communicate the exception back to the consumers of the Web service.

Because Web services provide a platform-independent of way of leveraging a specific functionality, the exceptions that occur in the Web Services must also be communicated in a platform-independent manner.

Naively (i.e., before today) I'd have thought you define a language that uses this to mean "validate the file with the three xsd files specified, and figure out their namespaces." A processor for this validation language would get the locations of all the schemas required for processing, collect them together along with the target Namespaces of each, and invoke a Schema validator on the specified document.

Create For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. Create with settings For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. Xml with the open-sourced one from MS, so this bug might not appear there anymore. String r Id) [0x00000] in FYI, the upcoming Mono 4.2 and later replaced the System.It is intended to be mostly compatible with XML Schema 1.0 and to have approximately the same scope, but also to fix bugs and make whatever improvements we can, consistent with the constraints on scope and compatibility.XML Schema 1.1 Part 2: Datatypes and XML Schema 1.1 Part 1: Structures are available.

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See also: Robin Cover's index of XML Schema materials.